Our Team

Dedicated Teachers & Staff

Wiz Kids Center values and takes great pride in their educators. We realize that they are the heart of the classroom. Our teachers are carefully selected based on their education and teaching experience. However, we know that there is a lot more to being a good teacher than what you see on a resume. During our selection process, we focus on choosing educators who have a passion for teaching and an ability to interact with children in the age groups they will ultimately teach.

All our staff must complete  an extensive background screening and a health screening to ensure our student’s safety in every way. Also, every year our teachers are required to attend professional development conferences in order to support continuous professional growth and development. We work to make sure that we have all of the latest information to help nurture and teach our students appropriately.

Staff members strive to be aware of each child’s needs and learning readiness, and they attempt to meet these needs through a wide range of preschool activities.

At Wiz Kids Center, we believe that each child  has their own way of learning and teachers are encouraged to adapt their lessons accordingly. Play is one of the best ways to teach younger students concepts, but learning should be a fun experience for all students (as well as those who are teaching the material). We achieve this by hiring, training and retaining educated experienced loving staff who are lifetime learners.

Benefiting our Teachers is a Benefit to our Students

At Wiz Kids we strive to train and develop the “whole” teacher. When our teachers feel like they receive the help that they need, they are better able to do their jobs. Support is best offered through training, professional development and mentoring. These opportunities help to make sure that our teachers are given the tools to successfully teach our students in a positive and nurturing manner.

In each of our classrooms , the Director directs all the teachers in the curriculum and school practices. To do this most effectively, trainings are given to help them understand the individual needs of the program. Children who are preparing for kindergarten are going to require a very different kind of care than those enrolled in our infant care.

Communication is vital to success at Wiz Kids Center. Teachers are encouraged to ask for help if they need it and ask questions. We try hard to involve an entire team to give the best experience to our students. Education and care is at its best when everyone is on the same page. It takes a lot of communication between everyone to make decisions and provide the best quality education to everyone involved. Together, our highly qualified teachers and director work to create a positive learning environment for our students and families!