Infant Program

Wiz Kids Center offers Infant Daycare in Brooklyn New York Sheepshead Bay in our state of the art facility build with your child in mind. We know that parents want to watch their children grow and have partnered with Watch me Grow to offer real time streaming videos.

Our loving and caring teachers are the key to our program.  As babies grow, they start to master their bodies and their environment as they roll about, crawl, sit up and walk. Motor skills develop as they learn to grasp and then manipulate objects – inevitably checking out how they taste—all important milestones in a baby’s development. At this young age, infants delight in recognizing and creating sounds and looking at pictures.

At Wiz Kids Center,  babies participate in a variety of age and developmentally appropriate activities throughout the day, such as story time, sensory activities, art time, music and movement, and learn about the things that are around them.

We work on developing the following skills

  • make early attempts at speaking
  • learn to understand a variety of words by listening, observing, and engaging
  • use sounds and gestures to express needs, wants, and interests
  • listen to books read aloud
  • work on early memory skills
  • focus attention for short periods of time
  • use different approaches to solve simple problems, such as making sounds and pointing
  • control impulses some of the time
  • form an attachment to familiar adults
  • begin to interact with other children
  • express some emotions through sounds, facial expressions, and movements
  • build a sense of self by recognizing self in a mirror
  • work on physical milestones like rolling over and crawling
  • coordinate hand movements to begin reaching for and  grasping objects
  • Start to cooperate with care routines like getting dressed and washing hands
  • show an interest in eating and trying new foods
  • begin to distinguish between familiar and unfamiliar things
  • use the five senses to explore and observe
  • begin to copy the simple actions of others
  • perform actions to gain a response
  • begin to explore bright, contrasting colors
  • explore a variety of textures like wet and sticky
  • express feelings through movement
  • listen to music and experiment with toy instruments

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